Homes in Mountain City, TN

If you’ve ever visited the area, you know that homes in Mountain City, TN can be a special place to raise a family. With high country charm, the natural beauty of the valley, and a distinctly Appalachian flavor in the historic music scene, there’s a lot to love about Mountain City.

Whether you’re stopping by for a music festival or looking for homes in Mountain City, TN, you’ll find an enjoyable pace of life and unbeatable scenery. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best things to do in Mountain City on your visit.

Top Six Things To Do in Mountain City, TN

If you’re new to the high country town of Mountain City, you may be wondering what fun things there are to do in this rugged slice of Appalachia. Here are the top six attractions in Mountain City, TN:

  1. doe mountainDoe Mountain Recreational Area: Just three miles outside of Mountain City, this expansive outdoor playground features over 8,600 acres of preserved land for hikers, photographers, mountain bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This breathtaking park is open all year round and features iconic sites from Watauga Lake, the Virginia Creeper Trail, and Gentry Creek Falls. With a wide range of trail difficulties to keep everyone in your family entertained, Doe Mountain welcomes ATV and dirtbike riders in addition to unmotorized visitors. All in all, the park offers 60 miles of trails to explore and is pontificated by its standing fire tower–which is worth a visit! Don’t miss this outdoor adventure if you are looking for stunning views, fresh mountain air, and an optional dose of adrenaline.
  2. Ralph Stout Park: Located in the heart of Mountain City, Ralph Stout Park is an excellent place to bring your family and children for an afternoon of fun. With a playground, several trails, and a pond housing local ducks and geese, families can stretch their legs within town limits before hitting the shops and restaurants. With a baseball field, Johnson County’s Memorial Wall, a skateboard park, a frisbee golf course, picnic tables, and a stage for live music and other events, there’s something for the whole family at Ralph Stout Park!
  3. Johnson County Center for the Arts: This combination gallery and events center is a great place for anyone actively pursuing art careers–or really for anyone interested in exploring their creative side! With a rotating calendar of classes and speakers, it pays to check the Johnson County Center for the Arts website before you visit Mountain City to see if any upcoming events are of interest. If you don’t have time to stop by in person on your visit, never fear: Johnson County Center for the Arts offers free online courses for anyone looking to further their artistic craft!
  4. Grandfather Mountain: If you’re looking to unwind with some of the most spectacular views around, look no further than Grandfather Mountain! With a mile-high scenic bridge and an International Biosphere Reserve, there is plenty to see at this iconic mountain. Wildlife photographers, nature enthusiasts, and hikers alike enjoy the 100-mile views from the summit. Best of all, this attraction is open year-round for continued play in the colder months!
  5. Long Journey Home: While this event comes once a year, it’s worth planning your trip around! Come to Mountain City during Labor Day weekend for this high country treat–if you like Appalachian music, this event is a must! Enjoy live busking, traditional singing, and more at the Johnson County Center of the Arts and soak up Mountain City’s rich musical history. For more information on the Long Journey Home, click here.
  6. Shop for Local Antiques: Looking for your next vintage item to bring home from Mountain City? With a host of antique treasures at Vintage and Rust, shoppers can browse all kinds of different items ranging from furniture to tools, all at affordable prices. For a unique glimpse into the past, shopping for antiques is a great way to repurpose a vintage object and give it new life–perfect for decorating homes in Mountain City, TN or elsewhere!

mountain city luxury homesHomes in Mountain City, TN

From local shops to musical events to breathtaking natural attractions, Mountain City has long attracted Appalachian musicians and outdoorsmen of all different creeds. With a long and colorful musical history reaching back to the 1920s, Mountain City has influenced modern country music in ways that are hard to quantify. This has proven to be a serious attractor from tourists and prospective homeowners for decades, so check out current listings to start looking for your dream home!

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