Trade, TN Real Estate

Whether you’re passing through on your way to Watauga Lake or are looking for Trade, TN real estate for sale, it’s hard not to be charmed by the little unincorporated community of Trade. The oldest community of its kind in Tennessee, Trade has a long history as a key meeting place for people of all backgrounds in their journey across the region’s nearby mountains.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at what life is like for the little mountain community of Trade including its history, weather, real estate opportunities.

But First…Where Is Trade, TN?

Located in Johnson County, Tennessee, the community of Trade exists along US-421 between the towns of Boone, NC, and Mountain City, TN. It lies just within the Tennessee border with North Carolina, near Elk Knob State Park.

What Is the Elevation of Trade?

Trade nestles into upper Roan Creek Valley between Fork Ridge, Stone Mountain, and Snake Mountain at a height of over 3,100 feet. This marks it as the highest community in all of Tennessee!

A Brief History of Trade

Once referred to as “The Trade Gap,” the community of Trade is considered the oldest in Tennessee. The first English-speaking people to pass through the area were recorded in 1673; by the mid-18th century, Trade was an established meeting area for Native Americans, fur traders, and pioneers.

Famously, Trade attracted frontiersmen like Daniel Boone, James Robertson, and other pioneers who passed through the surrounding mountains in search of trade.

It also attracted the likes of Tom Dula, a Confederate soldier on the run from the law. In Trade, Tom Dula (referred to as “Tom Dooley” in the well-known folk song) finally met his fate; he was overcome by the authorities and eventually sentenced to hang for the murder of Laura Foster.

Today, Trade still attracts outdoorsmen, artists, and Native Americans at its Trade Days festival, which celebrates Native American and Appalachian cultures as well as local art and music. This festival often inspires visitors to consider Trade, TN real estate as a permanent place to settle, or at the very least as a great resting point along broader travels. If you’re looking to move to Trade, check out our available listings and start looking now!

Mountain LandscapeWhat Is the Weather Like in Trade?

200 days out of the year, the community of Trade enjoys sunny skies–this is just five days shy of the national average.

Trade also averages 51 inches of rain each year, which is well above the U.S. average of 38 inches.

Over the course of the year, Trade usually ranges between 20°F-79°F. June, August, and September are generally considered the best times to come and visit Trade, as the weather is at its warmest without being oppressively hot. If you’re in Trade in the month of September, be sure to attend Trade Days!

Does It Snow a Lot in Trade, TN?

As you may have guessed, with Trade’s higher elevation comes a different climate than the lower areas of Roan Creek Valley. With this increase in altitude comes an annual snowfall of approximately 24 inches, just four inches under the national average.

Trade ranks number one for most snowy days in all of Tennessee, averaging around 12 days per year!

Trade, TN Real Estate

Now that you know a little bit about the rich cultural history of Trade as a meeting point for people from all walks of life, you may be interested in looking at Trade, TN real estate.

Whether you’re looking to settle here permanently or are simply hoping for a vacation destination, your dream home could be waiting for you in Trade! Click the link to browse available listings, or stop by our contact page to start chatting with us today!