Watauga Lake Houses for Sale

Watauga LakeOne of the major attractions of Johnson County, Tennessee is Watauga Lake. Not only is the lake sitting on top of the original Butler Town that existed prior to the 1940s, but today, it’s a favorite hot spot for swimmers, fishermen, and others who enjoy boating and watersports. It’s even a great location for nature lovers who want to live near the protected Cherokee National Forest and marvel at its wildlife and many other wonders.

Fortunately, for interested homeowners, Misty Oaks Real Estate has open lots for sale near both Watauga Lake and the National Cherokee Forest. To figure out which perfect spot to build a new home, here is a glimpse at what Redden has available.

Norris Road

One of the largest lots available near Watauga Lake is Norris Road. Occupying a good 125 acres of the Watauga area, this lot is perfect for boat owners and nature lovers. Boat owners will love the space for a boat parking lot and will want to take advantage of the dock approval. Nature lovers will similarly enjoy the company of Watauga’s wildlife, especially the presence of deer and wild turkeys. There’s also no replacing the tranquillity of the lake and mountains, complete with an amazing view all year long. What’s more is that Norris Road is close to Little Milligan Elementary School, Johnson County Jr. High School, Johnson County, High School.

Sugar Grove Road

Two amazing lots worth checking out near Watauga Lake are the ones on Sugar Grove Road. The first lot occupies 60 acres of the Watauga area while another lot occupies just half of that at 35.72 acres. Both lots can be packaged and sold together, effectively bringing the total space available to 95.72 acres! This is another ideal lot for boat owners and nature lovers, with easy access to both Watauga Lake and Cherokee National Forest and lots of privacy beyond that. Sugar Grove is also near Roan Creek Elementary School, Johnson County Jr. High School, Johnson County, High School.

North Heaton Branch

The largest lot that’s up for grabs near Watauga Lake is North Heaton Branch, which is occupying an amazing 219.76 acres of the Watauga area! With strong potential for subdivision development, North Heaton Branch is right next door to both Watauga Lake and Cherokee National Forest. It’s also very close to the neighboring town of Butler and the Hampton community. For homeowners who want absolute privacy, it doesn’t get any better than North Heaton Branch, especially since it’s still close to other nearby communities and towns while enjoying the peace and tranquility of the mountains and lake. For homeowners with families, North Heaton Branch is near Hampton Elementary School, Hampton Jr. High School, and Elizabethton High School.

Harbor Point

For homeowners interested in staying in the Butler area, but still want easy access to Watauga Lake and Cherokee National Forest, there are several lots for sale in the Harbor Point subdivision. With some lots occupying 0.36 acres with others occupying as much as 1.10 acres, Harbor Point is right next to Watauga Lake itself with boat ramp access, which is ideal for swimmers, fishermen, and boat owners. Other bonuses include paved roads and underground utilities, and easy access to Cherokee National Forest. Nearby schools include Roan Creek Elementary School, Johnson County Jr. High School, Johnson County, High School.

To learn more about the lots for sale near Watauga Lake, call Misty Oaks Real Estate at (423) 727-3021 or send us an email.