Homes for Sale in Trade, TN

homes for sale in trade, tn

If you’ve ever passed through the Roan Creek Valley on your way to or from Watauga Lake, chances are you’ve stopped to rest awhile in Trade. Whether you’re just passing through or looking for homes for sale in Trade, TN, this little mountain community has always been a place where people can come and gather to exchange currencies.

In this article, we take a look at Trade’s famous Trade Days festival, as well as some of the top things to do in Trade.

What Is the Trade Days Festival?

If you’ve ever been in northeastern Tennessee in mid-September, you’ve likely heard about Trade Days. Sometimes referred to as Trade Mill & Native Heritage Days, this annual festival celebrates Appalachian and Native American cultures in mid to late September over the course of two days. During the festivities, participants can expect events like:

·      Native American dancing

·      Appalachian clogging

·      Appalachian and bluegrass music

·      Chainsaw wood carving

·      Blacksmith forging

·      Petting zoo area

·      Local art

·      Food

·      Storytelling

·      Native crafts

·      Flute-playing

This family-friendly event also features a “Kids’ Zone” for the little ones so there is truly fun to be had for all ages! With admission for adults amounting to only $5, kids under 4 years old get in free. This event is a must for anyone interested in Appalachian or Native American cultures, or for anyone who likes to support local artists, artisans, and musicians! If you love Trade Days, you may be looking for homes for sale in Trade, TN for a place to stay awhile and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.


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What Else Is There to Do in Trade?

Trade’s long history as an outpost for pioneers, trappers, and Native Americans continues to this day for adventurers looking for a hot meal or a place to rest. For the remaining months out of the year, Trade attracts all kinds of folks for its proximity to Watauga Lake as well as the nearby Snake and Stone Mountains. Here are some of the top things to do in Trade, TN:

1.     Visit Elk Knob State Park: One of the newer state parks in the area, Elk Knob is home to some of the highest peaks in North Carolina. With nearly 4,500 acres to play in, Elk Knob features year-round recreation opportunities since its opening in 2003. Visitors can hike, backpack, camp, and explore during the warmer months and snowshoe and sled in the winter in the park, which was gifted to the state of North Carolina by the Nature Conservancy in an effort to preserve the unique ecosystem atop Elk Knob’s amphibolite peak. As part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this beautiful state park is known for its breathtaking views and is only a 20-minute drive away from the Tennessee town of Trade!

2.     Visit the Trade Gristmill: Dating back to Thomas Jones’ 1802 homestead, this historic mill built over Roan Creek is known for a gruesome part of its history: back in 1892, a young woman by the name of Callie Mae was fatally thrown against the floor after having her dress caught in the active mill. Shortly after, the mill changed hands to Peter Snyder, who said he preferred to enter the mill in the presence of another person for fear of encountering Callie Mae’s ghost! Whether you believe in such tales or not, the grist has long been a part of the history of Trade, the oldest community of its kind in Tennessee—and is worth a visit for those interested in Trade’s story!

3.     Refuel at a Coffee Shop: If you’re looking for a little community Wi-Fi or simply need a jolt of caffeine to keep you going throughout the day, folks have left scores of positive reviews for the BeetRoute Coffee Shop & Café. With lunch items on the menu ranging from quiche and salad to chicken croissants, this Trade staple is a welcoming oasis of caffeine and nourishment in the surrounding area, and a must-stop for coffee fans.

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Homes for Sale in Trade, TN

If you’ve ever grown curious enough about Trade to dig into its rich story, you may be looking for homes for sale in Trade, TN. With a scenic look over the Roan Creek Valley, there’s a lot to like about settling in this cultural gem in northeastern Tennessee.

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